Key Features

Patient Scheduling

A comprehensive EHR system with appointment setting capabilities that allows office staff to easily schedule patients, register them, and choose a reason for their visit.

Intelligent Patient Workflows

Clean workflows in real time eliminating bottlenecks and maximizing productivity. Never have patients sitting in the waiting room while a clean examination room is available.

Task Management Capabilities

Help you manage the ancillary, mundane tasks that inundate your daily schedule. A system that will remind you to sign notes, review lab results, approve medications, and answer patient messages.

Expedite Patient Encounters

Make patient history like medications allergies, existing problems, immunization, or other key data points easily accessible. Allows you to quickly record clinical content so you can document normal conditions, and through a few simple mouse clicks, document abnormalities, ultimately reducing both the time and cost of transcription.

Detailed and Meaningful Reporting

We are in the age of big data and analytics. Flex-EHR will give you real-time access to clinical and financial data, thereby enabling you to make the right decisions for your practice. The system provides the ability to create detailed reports that show how you are tracking toward meaningful use across core and menu objectives.

Simple Intuitive and Attractive User Interface

With doctors spending one-third of their time using an EHR, our system is designed to be natural and easy on the eyes. Drag-and-drop capabilities and minimal screen openings will allow you to move through the system with a minimal number of mouse clicks. The best EHRs document entire clinical encounters within a single screen without reloading any pages, thereby saving time and effort.

24/7 Access from Any Device

Flex-EHR is accessible on both PC and Mac. You never know from what computer you’ll be accessing the software. Our system is compatible with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari internet browsers. Today’s physicians need to be able to maneuver seamlessly through technologies and our system provides 24/7 access to patient records.


Leading Platform

A comprehensive end to end system dedicated to assisting banks and credit unions conveniently navigate and succeed in the ever-challenging leading environment with its latest cutting-edge technology platform developed to keep changing trends and scalability in mind. Flex-LPS leverages the latest technology and architecture to help the mortgage industry solve decade old problems and convert the existing process inefficiencies into profitable solutions.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Flex-LPS utilizes the latest cloud-based infrastructure and latest design guidelines to deliver a robust, secure, easy to use, and responsive product. This enables us to respond swiftly to the client needs in the current agile market.

Loan Origination Capabilities

This feature supports the back-end of the application process. It enables you to create various types of loans based on differing combinations of payment options, interest rates, and service fees.
API Integration to your existing website
Build your own or use existing end-user portals, by plugging into our secured APIs. Choose only the features needed for your business.

Mobile Access

With more business conducted via mobile phones than ever before, Flex-LPS provides lenders real-time access to loan approval status, as well as crucial details like sale price, interest rate, terms, loan-to-value (LTV), and probability of close. These features can help optimize all phases of the loan process—and keeps users up-to-date on a loan’s status.

Client management

This enables you to complete credit checks and do your due diligence in assessing the viability of potential borrowers. It also functions as a customer relationship management tool, recording valuable client notes and contact information.

Analytics dashboard

This highlights the key metrics you are monitoring and articulates them in easy-to-read charts and graphs. You’ll be provided with wonderful insight into your operation.


Ease of use

Flex-LMS’ interface is quick to learn, intuitive and user-friendly whomever the user is.


Our LMS gives you integration capabilities and allows you to share data across organization systems like
– Talent Management
– Workforce Management
– Compliance Management
– Payment Processor

Content Management

Upload existing documents, videos and exams, link learners to web content hosted somewhere else. Also create curriculum, learning materials and evaluations in an organized, meaningful and effective learning path.

Course Creation Tools

Easy to use, with intuitive interfaces that even less tech-savvy employees can quickly get the hang of. Start by creating individual learning materials and then stringing related content together into a complete course. Provides you the ability to create, distribute, edit and manage entire courses from start to finish, regardless of what type of content you want.

Course Creation Tools

Flex-LMS systems allow you to incorporate tests throughout courses to see what content members retain. If they get questions wrong, you can give members the option to go back and review the material before retaking the test.

Support for Mobile Learning

Flex-LMS provides mobile learning on all iOS and Android devices. Experience more social engagement with learners and communicate through discussion boards.


Time and Attendance

Track your time and attendance with a customizable system backed by the best product implementation and support team in the industry. With thousands of installations, our system makes the most of your Microsoft network architecture alongside browser, Ethernet, and security capabilities.

Time Clocks

Flex-TMS offers multiple data collection options. Flexible clocking options include
biometric hand and finger, badge utilizing barcode, and proximity badges. TMS Attendance software works with Smart Phones and IPads to make punching in as convenient as possible for both the employee and supervisor.

Entry and Access

Flex- TMS Access was the first to market with IP-at-the-Door access control. We provide the only TOTAL SOLUTION in a pure IP access control system, now with total integration to TMS Attendance.

Request for Time Change

Even though the system is automated mistakes can still occur. Because of this, in our system you can request for time change sheet that can be completed and submitted by employees. Errors can occur on an employee’s electronic time sheet for various reasons. A request for time change sheet can be filled out by the employee and submitted to the manager in charge of the system. The manager can then review the requested change and approve or deny it.


Workout Programs

Flex fitness framework provides users and professional trainers a dashboard to create customized workout programs based on different levels – Easy, Medium, and Advanced. It also provides suggestions of workout programs that can be set by the admin based on age, height, weight, etc. Users can set a goal and based on the goal, users are suggested a set of workout programs from cardio, weightlifting, yoga, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), etc. to achieve the goal.

Social Network

Flex fitness framework will allow users to connect with other users similar to other social networking sites with the limitation to fitness related activities. Users can earn merits and rewards based on the milestones set in the app to track progress for health and fitness. The social networking feature in the app lets users compete and challenge their friends and family members in different kinds of activities. This feature will allow the users to build a flex fitness network and keep user motivated toward their goal.

Workout Logbook

Flex fitness logbook will help users to keep track of their training journal. Users can log the workout sessions, set reminders, create to do list, etc. for their fitness goals. Logbook also allow users to log food and calorie intake on daily basis with easy suggestions of calories calculated based on the ingredients in the meal. This feature assists users in determining the right meal for them and achieve their desired goals faster. All information logged in logbook can be visualized in graphs and stats.

Workout Live Streaming

Flex fitness live streaming allows users to broadcast their workout sessions to friends and family in their social fitness network. This helps fitness professionals share knowledge to reduce the risk of injuries due to inappropriate use of equipment and postures. Professionals can also record the sessions and save it in the app to share with users instead of live streaming.

Wearable Fitness Integration

Flex fitness framework will also users integrate smartwatches and bracelets to track progress and share data between devices for better tracking of fitness goals. The integration is done using various public API’s that are available to share and analyze data. This can help gather data from devices such as heart rate, steps taken during a period of time, pulse rate, etc. to provide a visual representation of the data and provide suggestions.